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Sunday, February 25, 2018 

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Item # Description Price
R0010 Torpedo Weighted Steel $19.00
S0010 Torpedo Snap Swivels $6.00
S0020 Torpedo Ball Bearing Snap Swivels $7.50
S0030 Torpedo Snaps Size 2 - 20 pack $6.50
S0040 Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivels - 10 Pack $5.00
S0050 Torpedo Worm Harness Clevis - 10 Pack $5.00
T0020 Torpedo Tournament Treble Hooks 10 Pack $7.00
V0010 Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip $38.00
ZA0020 Torpedo Diverô Full Collection $66.50
ZA0030 Torpedo Diverô Deep Program Collection $68.00

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