Torpedo Diver Collection

What is a Torpedo Diver?

The Torpedo Diver is a troller's tool providing a simple method of lowering fishing line to precision depths while maintaining contact with the lure. The shape of the Torpedo Diver gives it the efficiency to achieve depths far deeper than would be expected from its weight with minimal drag.

Torpedo Divers are Easy.
Minimum drag means, when the action is hot, hold onto your fishing rod, feel the first strike, enjoy the whole fishing experience.

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Torpedo Diverô
Directional Collection

Torpedo Diverô Coho Steelhead Collection

Torpedo Diver Cuda

The largest Torpedo Diver will give you a great angle of attack keeping your lure close to the boat.
Reaches depths of 200 ft.

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Torpedo Diver Musky

A medium Torpedo Diver is used when you want your lure further from the boat.
Reaches depths of 180 ft.

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Torpedo Diver Shark

A Shark Torpedo Diver is used when desired angle of attack is to be at closer to 45 degrees.
Reaches depths of 130 ft.

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Torpedo Diver Snapper

The smallest diver gives the least angle of attack. You have to put lots of fishing line to reach greater depths.
Reaches depths of 95 ft.

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"It's amazing how it cuts through the water and attracts fish. You have to try it to believe it."
Captain Mark Chmura

"I guide on St. Clair and on Erie. I like your product (Torpedo Divers) for those days when the norm isn't working, but as the season progressed it became more of the norm to use them."
Captain Rick Verbeem

"I am happy to tell you the first hit of the night was the Torpedo! It was a pleasure to see how fast this worked. I am very pleased with the way these perform. Especially without doing anything special. Thanks again for a great product."
Captain Lou Borrelli

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Torpedo Divers on Their Own

Fixed Slider Setup Setup of the Torpedo Diver is Easy. The Torpedo Diver is packaged ready to use with a Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel, detailed instructions and a depth chart specific to the Torpedo size.

  • With a fishing lure attached allow a leader according to the species desired. The most successful is putting your lure out 50 to 60 feet behind the boat.
  • Attach the Torpedo Diver 12" below the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel and attach to the line by sliding it through the Dropper Loop Knot. Other clips can be used in place of the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel. Visit our Trolling page for other options and how to use them.
  • Let out the amount of line to depth according to the chart provided.
  • Put your rod in the rod holder or attach to an inline or planer board and send your bait out to the side. You can also bend the directional fin to the left or right to steer the Torpedo Diver in the desired direction away from your boat.
  • When reeling in slip out the Fixed Slider or unclip the clip attached to the Torpedo Diver and continue to reel in your catch.

Torpedo Divers are a stealth presentation and should be used on the outside of downriggers and disk type divers. The angler is able to position his lures anywhere in the water column, giving the Torpedo Diver an advantage over other stealth presentations. Baits can now be added above, below or to the outside of non-stealth presentations. This new way of fishing has given our captains a competitive edge.

Torpedo Divers are Easy.
To change depth simply let out line or reel some in.

Torpedo Diver Trolling Combinations

Torpedo Divers can be used in combinations with other fishing methods to provide more stealth, more depth and more excitement on your fishing line. See our Trolling Page for a variety of options and how they work. You can use the links below to go directly to the specific combination you are interesting in finding out about.

With all of these methods for using the Torpedo Diver the Torpedo Divers are always outside of the cone of disturbance as this is the most effect position for them.

Torpedo Divers are Easy.
Use a sensative rod and you will see a perch hit your lure.

Depth Charts

A variety of depth charts have been created to help you most effectively use your Torpedo Diver. Our Depth Charts page has charts available specific to each Torpedo Size from speeds of 1mph to 4mph increasing by increments of .1mph to give you as much accuracy as we can. This same information is also available speed specific with additional speeds from 4.5mph to 10mph by increments of .5mph. All of these charts are available for you to print out and take with you on your next fishing adventure.

For your quick reference we are including links to printable versions of each of the Torpedo Divers here:

Cuda           Musky          Shark          Snapper         

Lures and dodgers/flasher/rotators all have drag. A 4-inch lure will cause your presentation to lose two feet of depth, a magnum spoon will lose 5 feet of depth and dodgers/flasher/rotators will lose 7 feet of depth. This is important information when making precise depth presentation.

Torpedo Divers are Easy.
When a fish hits but does not get hooked, put the rod back in the rod holder, no need to reset.

Why Use a Torpedo Diver?

Matthew Fish The Torpedo Diver provides a simple, efficient method to get lures deep and away from the boat!

The Torpedo Diver has very little resistance, a four year old child can reel in the Cuda sized Torpedo Diver.

The little resistance also means you are seeing your baits action and you will know if your line is fouled when the rod tip action changes.

Reach any depth desired by clipping on more Torpedo Divers. Your depth ratio becomes just above 2:1 or two feet of line out to one foot down.

Get more lines in the water by stacking smaller Torpedo Divers on top of larger Torpedo Divers when fishing structure or when making tight turns.

Fish wide and deep with Planer boards or Off shore inline boards.

The Torpedo Diver does not use a release, meaning the Angler has direct contact with the lure. With the Torpedo Diver you will always know if you have a fish on!

The Torpedo Diver is designed to turn sideways for a moment when a fish strikes. This sideways movement causes maximum drag and gives the Angler more time to set the hook.

Putting the fun back into fishing If the Angler is not paying attention when fighting a fish the line could go slack due to not reeling in fast enough, in this case the Torpedo Diver will drop below the fish and thus will aid in keeping pressure on the hook.

Did a fish strike but get off? No need to reset the line, simply look at the rod tipís action in anticipation of the next strike.

Walleye are notorious for become very active the last half hour before sundown. With the Torpedo Divers a walleye hit will be instantly known, no need to look twice at the rod.

Torpedo Divers are Easy.
Even with long leads the rod tip vibrates due to the lures action, if the vibration stops then your line is fouled.