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Walleye caught today during the SouthTown Walleye Tournament using a Shark Torpedo Diver.
April 2011

This past winter I ordered some of your divers and they have recently become a "go to" program for Steelhead and Cohos that are set up on temp breaks. Thanks again for making some quality products.
May 2011

42 lb. Striper Hudson River
May 2010

Boy Scout Trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. Caught using Torpedo Divers from a Canoe.
July 2010

Big Haul with the Torpedo Diver Cuda
June 2010

5 lb Lake Superior Coho caught using a Torpedo Diver Snapper.
Brad Muscoe - Sept 2009

Captain Mark Chmura wins the Gimme 5 Big King with 26+ lbs at the Salmon Splash in Manistee.
Sept 2009

Captain George Haskins gets a big one in using a Torpedo Diver Musky.
Summer 2009

"Went fishing at Stannard Rock today with Garry Tollefson, Robb & Bruce Kivela. Bruce caught the two biggest on our boat at about 25lbs ea. with spinning tackle. Was the flatest water I have ever see at Stannard...all day. A smaller bass boat came all the way out there they had one about 26lbs, the guy tied up to us had one 33lbs. We caught the most fish I have ever gotten out there, I'm sure 30 plus, and naturally there were several big one's that got away. There were about 15 boats out there some from L'anse, & Lac LeBelle up in the Keweenah. Scott
Sep 2009

"My wife and I fished aboard a friend's boat yesterday. All I brought were my 2 torpedo wire setups and "hot" combos to run on them. Those 2 set ups caught all our big fish. It was great! They will be ordering some wire very soon.
July 2009

My wife Holly, caught a really nice 22lb king and another crew member, Joe Darcy landed a nice 25lb king also. We ended up landing 10 kings yesterday morning & more then half were on the 19 strand wire."
Brad Muscoe

"Thank you for your support and products. It has helped us this year as you can see in this weeks photo! Liquid Plumber won the Lake Ontario Challenge Cup after a 5th place finish at the Wayne County Pro-Am!"
Dennis Perfetto
July 2009

Team Liquid Plumber
Finished 1st in the AM division at the Oswego County Pro-Am
June 2009
Pictured l to r: Dennis Perfetto, Mark Eroh, and Captain Del Casterline.

"The wire does not kink easily, it does not "curl up" like the 7 strand, it is very easy to work with, and it is easier than the 7 strand to undo tangles due to its limpness...we can say the 19 strand rod landed more fish than the 7 strand on tournament day." Dennis Perfetto

Christopher's First
"I caught it all by myself" big fish
using Daddy's Torpedo Divers
July 2009
Age 5

Had good success with Torpedo's in Ste. Mary's River/Lake Huron on Atlantic Salmon. 11.5 lb Atlantic caught with Shark Torpedo & 3.75" skirt chaser. Thirty plus boats in Detour X Atlantic tournament. We ended up 6th with our two fish.
Ron Avery

"Just giving you a heads up I am very pleased with the torpedo divers I have caught more fish on the Cuda's that I ever dreamed of catching on regular diver disks. Keep up the good products. Mark Bailey .
June 2009

"Nineteen strand wire enabled us to boat 20 fish last Friday night while other boats had 2 or 3 fish. It really makes a difference!
THE "BOTTOM BOUNCER" landed a FIRST place in the Second Annual Fairport Tournament that ran July 16 and 17. Nice purse of $1200 and over 200 entries. WIRE WAS ON FIRE!!! Garry Tollefson
July 2009

"...after two weekends of lost chinook on straightend swivels - We managed to land the tournament winning fish last weekend with your products. 22.78 lbs. Truly excellant design!!!!!!!" Rob Kivela
July 2009

"I used the Cuda Torpedo with a white Spin Doctor flasher and a mirage fly. With 100 ft of line out, I attached the torpedo to the line(using wire line with mono leader) I let out 190 ft of line and I am happy to tell you the first hit of the night was the Torpedo! A small, but nice steelhead hit the lure. It was a pleasure to see how fast this worked... I am very pleased with the way these perform. Especially without doing anything special...Thanks again for a great product." Captain Lou Borrelli
July 2009

"I guide on St. Clair and on Erie. I like your product (Torpedo Divers) for those days when the norm isn't working, but as the season progressed it became more of the norm to use them." Captain Rick Verbeem

"It's amazing how it cuts through the water and attracts fish. You have to try it to believe it." Captain Mark Chmura
Summer 2008

Walleye / Pickeral

Today's catch with the Torpedo Divers we used

Walleye seem to love Torpedo Combinations


Spring Chinook with a Snapper Torpedo

May Chinook caught with a Cuda Torpedo

Summer Chinook caught by Andrew's Charters, Winner of the 2008 Great Ontario Salmon Derby

Rainbow Trout / Steelhead

First time using Torpedo Divers, this one is dinner!

Steelhead and Walleye using Torpedo Divers

Double Header!

Lake Trout

Lumber roads Northern Ontario Lakers caught using Torpedo Divers

Wahoo & Tuna

Wahoo Trolling Torpedo Divers at 7.5 mph down 40'


Tuna down 20' using Torpedo Divers at 7 mph